Saturday, July 25, 2009

Out of Bounds, but not out of Entertainment!

In the summer of 1986 a picture came out and went before anyone knew what it was. It was called "Out of Bounds." It starred Anthony Michael Hall, who was 18 at the time.

The movie had a cool little plot. Hall plays Daryl Cage, an Iowa farm boy who is sent to live with his older brother Tommy and his wife Chris. Upon his arrival at the airport en route to L.A. He meets up with his brother and sister in - law. But Hall's duffel bag off the converter belt is identical to a murderous drug dealer played by Jeff Kober. Kober sees Hall and brother take off in a truck with a easy to remember plate number (contractor) . So the next morning Daryls brother and sister in-law are dead and he finds drugs (heroin) in his bag. Now he is on the run from the cops and Kober and his goons. Daryl tries to go to the police, but they think he did it. He soon seeks aide from a girl he met on the airplane Dizz (played by Jenny Wright from "Near Dark"). Dizz comes off like a street wise B-movie actress, but she knows the streets alot better than Daryl does. So Daryl has to prove his innocence and seek justice for his brothers murder.

"Out of Bounds" never runs out of fuel. Its entertaining from start to finish. Its also got a kicking 80's soundtrack with The Cult, The Smiths, and Sammy Hagar.

"Out of Bounds" bombed, but it was more than that. I even got to meet Anthony Michael Hall and talk to him about this great film. He said he was doing Saturday Night Live at the time of filming. "Out of Bounds" has never been put out on DVD as of yet. Hopefully it will in the future...

"Out of Bounds" gets 3 stars out of four...

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