Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Salutations and greetings, film buffs!

Oh, hello there. If you are here reading this, you've probably come to this place by accident. But since you are here, allow me the chance to entice you to stay a while.

Welcome to The Video Drones Reviews. What you will be seeing here is a couple of hardcore film fans, giving you their thoughts on some of the great (and not-so-great) films on video (or, I guess DVD, to be more modern). There's no Hollywood phoniness here. We aren't studio shills or getting any kickbacks from them. In fact, we aren't making a single cent from this endeavor. We just wanted a place to put our thoughts and views on film, which would be welcoming to honest and forthright opinions. Our mission is to give a common fan's view of the film industry's output and hopefully open others up to the vast array of entertainment that is out there. We'll try to point you to the good stuff and steer you clear of the junk. My reviews will be the more straight-laced kind, with which most people are familiar with. My partner, however, is more of a free-formed thought school of mind, who also will likely inject little bits of trivia about the films, as well. In addition, we'll try to cover lesser known works, along with the Hollywood bolckbusters. So, there will be a little something for everyone, in terms of style and tastes.

I'm James Meeley and my cohort is Ronnie 2112. We are the Video Drones and we are all about the movies! Hope you'll come join us around here and enjoy what you see! So many films, so little time. Now, let's roll 'em!

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