Sunday, July 26, 2009

Take off eh!! To the Great White North!

Uh, The adventures of SCTV's Bob And Doug Mackenzie.

This is the Motion Picture that Tells us all about Canada, Home of Rush, Hockey, John Candy and Beer!!!

"Strange Brew" was one of those movies not many saw in a theater, but on cable a year later from its August 1983 release date.. It's either you like it or not. Whats not to like here, its a trip away from your everyday troubles.

Plot wise it doesn't have to be much, The Mackenzie brothers are into some trouble. You see they spent their dad's beer money (HA HA HA)! THAT ALONE IS FUNNY. Now they must make right by going to a beer factory to con them into giving them free beer, but end up getting a job there. They are hired by a lovely woman who's recently passed away father owns the factory. She takes a liking to the brothers right away. Now actor Max Von Sydow plays the villain here, he wants to take over the plant by setting up the brothers for kidnapping, which doesn't seem to go right every time. All and all the movie really is funny, cheesy and harmless at the same time.. Standout funny scene - When the boys go home and tell their dad they got jobs and they have their van loaded with free beer. Their dad goes berserk, yelling to all the neighbors ((Hey everyone the boys got jobs!!)) .

"Strange Brew" has some cool poster artwork which is displayed here. Now the 2002 DVD from Warner excludes that with a picture of the boy's. Why they never use the cool original poster artwork on the DVDs is beyond me?

"Strange Brew" is also shown on DVD in its original widescreen 16x9 ratio (1.85) and the transfer is passable. Nothing fancy, some grain and softness is present, but overall decent. Colors look a little faded, as you can tell not much THX was put in this transfer. Sound is good. Extras include the cool theatrical trailer. And a preview for an upcoming bob and Doug Mackenzie cartoon that never quite took off. And a clip from an old SCTV skit..

Overall, take off to the great white north and give these two donut/beer drinking fun guys a chance. Whether woman or man. your invited...

"Strange Brew" rates 3 stars .. or should I say 3 beers!!!!!

Interesting trivia: In one scene where the boys are playing ice hockey, challenging each other with their sticks, Bob says he's seen Jedi 17 times. Jedi wasn't released until May of '83. Making it 5 months earlier. So, not only had the brothers not seen it, they couldn't refer to the title cause in December of 1982 the title change between "Revenge of the Jedi" and "Return of the Jedi" was up in arms (little trivia there for ya' Jim).

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