Sunday, July 26, 2009

Review: Cannibal! The Musical

Synopsis: From the incredibly twisted minds of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, comes an irreverent musical comedy, based on true events, about the only man in Colorado history to be convicted of cannibalism.

Review: Created long before they dropped the world of "South Park" on the universe, this is the first work by the satirical geniuses, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. Steeped in the traditions of using toilet humor and music, which they have come to make famous, they tackle the true story of one of the most harrowing and gruesome events in American history.

While the subject matter would seem ill-advised for comedic trope, they manage to make it funny with the many outlandish and ludicrous situations and songs to keep this parody palatable. The song "Let's Build A Snowman" is one that will quickly get stuck into your brain and you'll be singing along with, before you know it.

The opening scene is quite bloody and macabre, which will serve to remind you that this event was no bag of laughs for those who were involved, but the lowbrow and slapstick nature of the humor will keep you laughing throughout the proceedings. Like watching a chef hone their skills, you will get a very good look at the style of humor Parker and Stone would make a staple of their career. It's obvious this film is very near and dear to them, as the opening song, "It's a Shpdoinkle Day," is still played at the end of every episode of "South Park."

This is a bit more lower budget than some of their later films, like "Orgazmo" and "BASEketball," but the true talent of these twisted minds still shines through. The overall transfer of the DVD is pretty good, which is a bit surprising coming from Troma, and is one of the best films from the company's catalog.

If you are a fan of Parker and Stone's other works, then you'll need to have this film in your collection (if you don't already). But even if you only like comedy that isn't "politically correct," then I fully believe you'll enjoy this film and all the ridiculous, off-beat and completely irreverent antics found within. Have a Shpdoinkle day!

Rating: 3 Stars (out of 4) (4 Stars, if you love Parker and Stone's other works.)

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