Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lions really do fly!

After seeing "Sorceress" on the movie channel back in '85, it's been a real trip. "Sorceress" was released to a few theaters back in March of 1982. I'm assuming it was shot sometime in '81.

I won't get into the cheesy plot about two twin sisters who are naked all the time. But I will say they go around Mexico (the filming location) beating men up that look like "Planet of the Apes" gone bad. There is a villain that's after them that looks like a low-rent Darth Vader! There is a wise man who looks a lot like a poor man's Ben Kenobi! There is a non-workout looking Conan gone bad dude, who's trying to get in the girls pants and a sub-plot about a lion with wings.

I can't imagine "Sorceress" having a big box office opening weekend, like say "The Dark Knight," can you? I doubt that many even seen this film anywhere. But New World Pictures picked it up and Roger Corman produced this mess of a Conan rip-off. One thing is, its got plenty of nudity and some real cheap special effects. I don't think it's a great movie, but it is fun to watch with a pizza and some cold beer..

I give it 2 boobs... er, I mean, stars!

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