Sunday, August 9, 2009

YOR, the hunter from the furture??

"YOR" was put out in the summer of 1983. Now, I've always wondered, how many people actually saw this in a theater? I'm sure someone did. "Yor, the hunter from the future" seems more prehistoric, than anything futuristic. It's mainly a silly concept of a man with long blond hair killing dinosaurs and getting chased by a Spock-gone-bad looking dude. There's also robots looking like Darth Vader gone bad, too. He's a hit with Kala, a hot looking prehistoric chick, whom he must rescue from anything silly that comes their way. And some old guy. The funny thing about "YOR" is that it has got this strange soundtrack sounding like "Queen" on crack. Everything in "YOR" is copied from something else, only in a poorly done and low-budget kind of way. It's a funny movie, although it's not meant to be. So get a six pack and a pizza, invite some friends over and crack up all night. The theme song alone will crack you up. I have read on IMDB, that someone actually saw this in a drive-in. What's not to like about "YOR"? You decide.. I give "YOR" 3 stars for being an entertainingly cheesy good time and giving me much laughter.

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