Thursday, August 13, 2009

Too fast for the times!

Summer of 1982 changed the way high school was forever. "Fast Times" is a great little comedy about sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. It has got a cast that mostly went on the big careers. The biggest being Sean Penn playing a stoned-out surfer dude named Jeff Spocoli. He's funny, but a little unbelievable in spots. The real story is about young teens who struggle with having to make adult choices. You have teens dealing with sex, money and drugs. Also you have teens with jobs at the local mall, that seem like a place everyone would wanna work at. We all know what "Fast Times" is about, but it might not hold up as well today as it did 27 years ago. The film was shot between November and December of 1981. It was mostly shot in California, at the Sherman Oaks Galleria (which has totally changed). The real mall was destroyed by an earthquake in 1994. The mall has since never been the same. "Fast Times" also boosted the careers of Nic Cage and Forest Whitaker. It was a very talked about film when it came out in August of '82 and was a big hit on cable and home video. However, the original video version that MCA out out in early 1983 was ruined by the changed soundtrack. The rights of certain artists were switched. This, however, was corrected in 1996 when MCA restored the rights to the soundtrack. Now, of course, it is on DVD with a decent transfer and cool little documentary, to boot. Hey, where have all the good times gone???? I give this 4 stars!

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